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This Website is produced and operated by Melsmon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the Company"). Please read the following

When our company website is used, you are deemed to have assented to the description of these matters. In addition, they may be subject to change without prior notice to the customer terms and conditions of our Web site, each item, Please note.

About exemption matters

As for information offered on our company Web site and service ("Contents" and write hereafter generically), etc. that accompany it it is not the one that any guarantee is done.

For information to be posted on our Web site, trouble or loss, damage occurs by or was using this site, we do not assume any responsibility.

You may want to delete or change without prior notice to customers, and content structure of our Web site, usage conditions, URL, and please note. In addition, there is also the fact that I am allowed to suspend or discontinue the operation of the Web site, please acknowledge beforehand.

About the copyright

Copyright on the content our Web site offers, we will belong to us unless otherwise noted. Without our permission, that you (including, without limitation, coping, modifying, transmission, distribution, licensing, selling and publishing) uses, is prohibited by copyright law, the content of our Web site.

About the link

    Customers you want is a link to our Web site, please contact us in advance. Thank you again to the top page must be linked. Please note that if it is linked to the top page, some other case the link is cut off by the change of page. Please set it to linked HTML files referring to the following examples.

    Setting example: Melsmon Pharmaceutical Please acknowledge being likely being likely to refuse the link from the site judged that the link and our company from the following sites are improper beforehand.

  • Link from site (The blog and the bulletin board, etc. are included) where the confidence of our company Web site is ruined.
  • Link from site (The blog and the bulletin board, etc. are included) that offends public order and morals.
  • Link (blog, including bulletin boards, etc.) from a site that is determined to be or defamation and slander, and the possibilities for organizations, individuals and specific

About the Web site in linked Websites

The Web site in linked Websites is the one managed by each operator's responsibility for the link from our company Web site, and I will not do any guarantee for the content. Moreover, even if any trouble and damage occur when they are used, it doesn't assume the responsibility. The link doesn't mean our company recommends the Web site in linked Websites and the content. Moreover, it is not the one to mean a special relation is possessed with our company between Web sites in linked Websites either.

About the disorders associated with access to the Site

Access to our Web site can cause, fails to use your environment, even if the customer incurred any damage by it, please note that it does not take any responsibility. In addition, failure-cause occurs is hosting our service will be available, the customer even if the damage incurred by it, please understand we are not responsible for any.

About personal Information

Our company will manage the handling of 「Individual information」 acquired through our company Web site based on our privacy policy (protection of individual information policy)

About the Governing law, jurisdiction for court

The application of the content that our company Web site offers conforms to the law in Japan Moreover, Tokyo District Court is assumed to be a competent court about the problem solving related to our company Web site

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